”Katie Trippi is a third Generation Evanstonian who comes from a family of service.  Her stepfather served on the city council in the 1970s.  She is very active with the McGaw YMCA with youth and family services as well as Camp Echo Alumni director.  She has served on the board of directors for Youth & Opportunity United, Women’s Club of Evanston and the Infant Welfare Society of Evanston. Katie supports minority and small business as well as the youth to ensure that they have access to resources to be successful as they transition to adulthood.  She will bring fresh ideas to the city council with a calm and steady presence.”

Trippi For Evanston Supporters List
This list is in formation and to add your name please fill out the Contact Form on our website. 

Erika and Noah Carey

Virginia Carr

Lynn Carver

Judy Chiss and Bernie Cohen

Mark and Mary Collins

Lisa D’Angelo

Elizabeth Davies

Evanston Firefighters Local 742

Kathi Fitzpatrick Samuels

Peter and Marya Frankel

Lisa Kreiman Gendel

Pete Giangreco and Laura Tucker

The Hon. Steve Hagerty

Cathy Heldt

Evan Howell and Kate Jones

Maureen Kenney

Larry Kohn and Denise Kohn-Staehli

Katherine Lauterbach

Lesly Levitas

Kristine Lofquist

The Hon. Jay Lytle

Leslie Maclin

Dorothe Carver Magid and Phil Magid

Jan Maguire

Nicole and Perry Marks

Nancy Marshall

Eimile McGarrigle

Evelyn McGowan

Ann and Tom McMahon

John Moran      

Polly Moran

Sarah Moran and Carlos Melendez

Barbara and Sean Murphy

Kate and Steve Newman

Jamie and Jake Noll

Stephanie Perdew

Missy Peterson

Bart and Catherine Rocca

Mimi Muller Roeder

Kathy and Jeff Rose

Susan Schultz

Max and Bonnie Shapiro

Britt Shawver

Susan Stroh

Laura Tanner 

Katalina Topolov

Christine Trippi

Jim Trippi and Andrea Barrenche

Joe Trippi

Katie Tucker Trippi

Ted Trippi

Cynthia Tucker

Michael Tucker

Carly Ubersox

Marnie Vosper

Laura Weinman and Jeff Ginsberg